Take the Long View During Iowa Milestone

Flip through The Annals of Iowa publication in this video from the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs.

You already know you can find the latest news about Iowa right here in ia.

For the long view, though, there’s no better source than The Annals of Iowa. The State Historical Society of Iowa’s flagship journal first rolled off the press in 1863 and has chronicled Iowans’ various deeds and misdeeds ever since.

The current issue, which was released this month, celebrates Iowa’s 175th statehood anniversary with a mix of thought-provoking essays by leading historians, plus 17 original works of Iowa-inspired art by creators from across the state.

The cover photo, for example, features wild roses, oak leaves and a geode–all state symbols. (Read our profile of the photographer, Molly Wood of Des Moines.) Inside, the essays explore agriculture, race, education, gender and more, from Iowa’s pre-state history through the present.

“We’re taking this moment, this 175th anniversary, as a milestone moment to take a breath and see where we’ve gone and to chart a course for the future,” the journal’s editor, Andrew Klumpp, said.

To subscribe, order the current or previous editions in print or read digitized issues, visit iowaculture.gov.


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