Envision Iowa

What is Envision Iowa?

Envision Iowa is an annual economic development initiative created by Business Publications Corporation (BPC) to help  Iowa’s businesses and communities thrive through strategic connections at events, powerful storytelling and streamlined promotion. The initiative includes content, coverage and audience reach on many of BPC’s divisions and platforms, including Business Record’s statewide Innovation IOWA print and digital, ia print and digital, and the Envision Iowa Research Report produced in partnership with Bâton Global.

“In every corner of the state great things are happening. These stories need to be told.” – Deb Bengston, president, Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce

“It takes getting the right people to the table in order to make collaboration work.” – Rich Dwyer, SVP Corporate Affairs, Kent Corporation

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The Envision Iowa Statewide Leaders Economic Outlook Survey

The Envision Iowa Statewide Leaders Economic Outlook Survey is a research collaboration between Business Publications Corporation (BPC) and Bâton Global. The survey provides leaders and decision makers across Iowa with sentiment data on the aggregated outlook for the future of Iowa, with the objective of supporting them in making commercial, investment, and public policy decisions that positively impact Iowa’s long-term economic performance.  The survey focuses on the three critical themes that drive state-level economic performance: People & Culture, Business Opportunities, and Infrastructure. Within each of the three themes, the survey focuses on the four subthemes that capture the most pressing issues on Iowa’s economic performance agenda for 2023. Read the report here.

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