Visit the Local Crumb in Mount Vernon

Owner and baker Aaron Hall makes fresh bread of all kinds, from brioche buns to bagels and sourdough loaves. Just think of the endless sandwich possibilities. Photo: Aaron Hall via @the_local_crumb on Instagram

If you find yourself in Mount Vernon, make it a mission to get your hands on fresh bread from neighborhood bakery the Local Crumb.

Chef Aaron Hall began the business after a pursuit of better bread. He wanted a tastier, healthier bread that wasn’t filled with enough preservatives to keep a loaf alive for weeks on end. Hall soon fell in love with baking, perfecting his recipes ever since. Earlier this year, he was named a 2022 James Beard semifinalist in the Outstanding Baker category.

Find bagels, buns and baguettes galore, all baked using Iowa-milled organic flours. See what Hall is baking up and even put in an order for pickup (if you’re from Iowa City, Cedar Rapids or Mount Vernon) on his Instagram, or visit the website.


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