Unearth a few cultural hidden gems

Garnets embellish nearly 200 items on display at the “Brilliant Bohemian Garnets” exhibit at the National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library. Photo: National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library

See captivating beauty and cultural heritage at the National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids. The exclusive exhibition, “Brilliant Bohemian Garnets,” opened June 17 and showcases a remarkable collection of priceless antique and modern garnets from the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Marvel at nearly 200 trinkets adorned with the fiery gemstones, including jewelry, eyeglasses and mirrors. And for an interactive experience, embark on a garnet mining adventure where you can search for your own precious gemstone.

The exhibition closes on Jan. 14, 2024, after which the collection will be kept permanently at the National Museum in Prague.

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