Sojourn to Sioux City for Art and Culture

Artist Larassa Kabel has had her work exhibited in the White House, the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates and the Des Moines Art Center. Her work currently can be seen in an exhibit in Sioux City. Photo: Brittany Brooke Crow.

Away from all the holiday noise and sparkle, winter is also a season for solitude. In her new solo show, “Sojourn,” through Feb. 12 at the Sioux City Art Center, Des Moines artist Larassa Kabel offers a reflection on the natural cycle of life and loss. Her drawings, paintings, photos and sculpture suggest that even though grief can feel lonely, it’s an experience we all share in common.

“Sojourn” is Kabel’s largest show to date and features some of her latest work, including a series of prints that traces connections between humans and animals. As a bonus, the artist has curated both a Spotify playlist and list of books to delve deeper into her exhibition’s themes.

Kabel is an Iowa Artist Fellow and has displayed her artwork nationwide. Some of it belongs in several notable private and corporate collections, including those at the White House, the World Food Prize and the Des Moines Art Center.


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