Origami Art Unfolds At Reiman Gardens

A new exhibit called “OrigamiintheGarden²” at Ames’ Reiman Gardens will showcase large-scale origami works, including “Painted Ponies” by Kevin Box and Te Jui Fu.

Writer: Jeff Morgan
Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs

The delicate nature of origami is unfolding in a new sculpture exhibit this month at Reiman Gardens in Ames.

“OrigamiintheGarden²,” featuring giant origami-inspired works, opens May 22 and runs through Nov. 14. The exhibit represents a labor of love, patience and the power of the human spirit. It fits neatly into Reiman’s 2021 theme of “Patterns Unfolding”—a nod to the time people spend reflecting, connecting and celebrating their ties to nature and each other.

Through paper and museum-quality art pieces, the exhibit also explores the connections between origami and nature. For example, paper is derived almost exclusively from plants, and origami and gardens both require patience, persistence and an understanding of the process. What’s more, they are reflections of the planet and its many colors.

The result is carefully crafted spaces where you can explore art, enjoy nature and find tranquility.

If you haven’t been to Reiman Gardens in a while, be sure to check out Sycamore Falls, a new-in-2020 south-side garden with a few new paths, thousands of flowers, and a custom-built tower.


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