Go With The Flow In Davenport

The Alternating Currents Festival in downtown Davenport offers more than 100 free performances, film screenings and events. Photo: “Squonk”

Writer: Michael Morain
Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs

They do things a bit differently in the Quad Cities. It’s one of the rare places where the Mississippi River flows west instead of south and east.

So you can expect a few surprises at the annual Alternating Currents Festival, which returns Aug. 19-22. The weekend offers more than 100 free performances, film screenings and events scattered among 20-plus venues in downtown Davenport.

A prog rock concert accompanied by house-sized, purple, inflatable puppets? Coming right up, in a show called “Squonk.”

A screening of “The Sandlot” at Modern Woodmen Park? You bet, thanks to the Quad Cities River Bandits.
A panel of local brewers discussing the future of craft beer? Sure, that too, with experts from Five Cities, Nerdspeak, Stompbox, Twin Span and Wake.

Not to be outdone, the Davenport Public Library is hosting a party to celebrate Iowa’s 175th Anniversary, coming up on Dec. 28. Visitors can see highlights from the library’s special collections of local and county history, make party hats from the State Historical Society of Iowa, assemble takeout boxes of Iowa charcuterie with help from Hy-Vee, and plenty more.

Find all the details online at alternatingcurrentsqc.com.


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