Giant (sculptural) bugs take over gardens in Ames

The “Glass in Flight” sculptures showcase dalle de verre, a technique that uses slabs of colored glass. Different thicknesses produce deeper colors than traditional stained glass. Photo: Reiman Gardens.

Next time you want to get outside, take a stroll through Reiman Gardens in Ames. Right now, the new blooms are just popping up for the season, and there is plenty of fresh color and scents to enjoy.

A collection of 20 colorful glass sculptures is also on display around the grounds through Oct. 8. For the outdoor exhibition “Glass in Flight,” artist Alex Heveri created giant insects with steel and stained glass, which reflects and refracts sunlight into rainbows of kaleidoscopic color.

The exhibition is part of the gardens’ 2023 theme of light and reflection, which integrates throughout the year into educational programs, events and exhibits that reveal the power of light and reflection in nature and the power of plants in the environment.


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